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                                                              WHY MOOLA ISN"T A SCAM.

           Moola isn't a scam because many players have gotten their checks, some players have earned over $100 in one day, and there are so many moderators devoting their time to making the Moola forums better. If moola is a scam then why would so many moderators spend so much of their time trying to improve the community?

          If you look up "Received Moola check" on google or enter a similar search string, you'll see that there are MANY people who have gotten their checks. Some checks with values over $100. Now, if you join moola and look in the trophy room section of the forums and click on a thread titled, "Show your Moola checks" You'll see that EVERY player or at least 90% of Moola players have gotten their checks.

          Not only have players received their payments, they earned their cash pretty quickly. The average long term Moola player earns at least $10 a day within an average of 5 hours. If you look at what players have posted on the Moola forums, you'll see that the statistics I'm presenting are true. The top player currently has over $8,500 and one player has been known to cash out $1,000 multiple times for a total of nearly $20,000. Once again, if you don't believe me, join Moola and look in the forums. These are from players who have been established Moola members. They weren't there for a few days. They have been there long.

          Last but not least, there are so many Moola forum Moderators who are always trying to find a way to make Moola a better place and if Moola was a scam why would they help new players so much? If you don't believe me, join Moola and see for yourself, the community is great, and one should join not only to make money but to socialize.

          Oh, one more thing, Moola isn't a get rich scheme, it's not all about making money. It's about fun, so just join and enjoy yourself. Why spend another hour thinking" Is Moola a scam?"

When you think of the word, "Scam" you think of something dark, manipulative and bad, sometimes deceiving. If you take a close look at the Moola community, you'll see nothing deceptive or dark. Only good.

My moola name is dominator194 and my referral link is here:

If you found this helpful, feel free to post your thanks in the Moola forum. See you there.